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Sunday School 10:00 a.m.                              Sunday Service 11:00 a.m.
        Ebenezer Temple Pentecostal Church (ETPC) exists to facilitate the process of bringing about holistic individuals physically, socially, mentally, economically, and spiritually. ETPC was a promise and vision that took almost ten years to actualize. Our conception began in 1992, when the Lord called Elder Juanita D. Rivers to the role of Shepherdess/ Pastor. Initially she struggled with the calling but finally in January 1997, Pastor Rivers submitted to God’s preordained Sovereign Will and waited on God to perfect the vision for this pastoral assignment. In June 2000, her Pastor, Bishop Keith M. Thomas and the Beulah Tabernacle Pentecostal Church, INC. graciously imparted the building at 5552 Baltimore Avenue, Philadelphia PA to Pastor Rivers. The building became Ebenezer Temple Pentecostal Church, INC. She was ordained as Pastor on January 14, 2001 and held services in her home until such time as the physical edifice renovations allowed inhabiting. Her first member other than her spouse, Elder David Rivers was a faithful friend of over twenty-eight years, the late Elder Alma White. After extensive rehabilitation and much fasting and prayer, the first service was held February 25, 2001. The church began with 15 adults plus children. On February 28, 2010 ETPC moved into a new edifice at 5649 Christian Street which was a fulfillment of God’s promise that Elder and Pastor Rivers would be given a larger building to minister all the more, to those individuals within the community surrounding the church. Immediately after settling to this spacious edifice, Pastor Rivers desired a teaching program that moved beyond denominational boundaries to equip the body of Christ at large with greater biblical skills in implementing the great commission. From this desire a vision enveloped and fulfilled now known as the discipleship institute.

Ebenezer Temple Pentecostal Church
5649 Christian Street
Philadelphia, PA. 19143
Ebenezer Temple Pentecostal Church ETPC
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ETPC - First Mission Statement
God's arm of assistance to tear down-walls of Oppression, poverty, violence, enmity etc. and separation; and building holistic individuals, families and neighborhoods (mentally, physically, intellectually, spiritually, and socially).