Discipleship Institute
Discipleship Institute
Equipping the body of Christ to reach its destiny as conquerors

Our mission is to educate believers biblically, theologically, and doctrinally in the ways of God to train the saints to be prepared in season and out of season rightly dividing the Word of Truth; in effort to decrease Satan’s dominion and influence here on Earth until the day the Lord returns again (Luke 4:18-19; Isaiah 61:1-4).
  Discipleship Institute
The Discipleship Institute will…
   Ministry Empower you to walk confidently in your faith
   Ministry Create an opportunity for you to fellowship with other Christians who are striving to become more equipped at handling God’s Word
   Ministry Lay a foundation within you that will prepare you for further biblical and theological studies
   Ministry Help to grow you spiritually into becoming a devout follower of the Lord Jesus Christ
 The Discipleship Institute has two educational tracks an individual can follow; Certificate and Diploma.
Certificate. Participants must complete at least 18 semester credits; 14 from the core requirements and the remaining four from electives. This program can be completed within a year. Core requirements are courses that begin with the letters “DC” and electives with the letter “B” (Bible).
Diploma. Participants must complete at least 36 semester credits; 28 credits from the core requirements the remaining 8 are electives. Most courses are two credits unless otherwise stated.
Attendance is free. There is NO registration fee. You only pay the cost of your book\s. 
Please refer to the handbook here  for other details pertaining to what classes are currently being offered. Classes for this Fall semester begins September 12, 2016


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