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Greetings, Jesus directs us to render to God the things that belong to Him and to Caesar, the things that belong to him. While Caesar is not our government, the Internal Revenue Service and income taxes represents Caesar. We here at ETPC have aided individuals in following Jesus' command to render to government what is due as it relates to taxes.

This year's VITA hours of operation to the public are Monday & Tuesday from 12Noon - 6:30PM, Wednesday & Thursday from 10AM - 12Noon, Saturday 9AM - 3:30PM. Please pray how you might serve the community and your Savior during this filing season.

The  2017 income tax season begins on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., birthday, January 16, 2017. Much preparation and volunteers are needed to successfully complete this task. To this end, volunteers are needed in the positions of Greeters, Screeners, data entry, tax preparers, prayer warriors, evangelists and security (see position descriptions below). Please sign up on the VITA Volunteer 2017 Sign Up Sheet.

All VITA volunteers must attend training and orientation. The training length is based on position which one volunteers. Listed below are the positions along with the length of training.

GREETERS                               Duties: Greeting each client in a cheerful patience and Christ like manner, and providing them with packages to complete for tax preparation. Reviewing each form to ensure completed in entirety, secure and photocopying - Social Security Card, photo ID, bank account information; placing all income documents into the folder. Notify appropriate official when supplies are low. Training takes 2-4 hours including IRS certification.       

SCREENERS                            Duties: Screens each taxpayer (TP) to ensure all documents are available to process tax return, assign level of complexity by placing A or B on each folder. Handle all drop off clients ensuring drop off interview sheet is completed with all information and documents contained within each file to be processed. Provide TP with completion date. Training takes 6-10 hours including IRS certification.

DATA ENTRY                           Duties: Input tax return data while TPs await the tax preparer availability. Training will be provided to become familiar with the software system and tax documents. Training takes 4-8 hours including IRS certification.

BASIC PREPARER                   Duties: Reviews TPs package - intake and tax documents to ensure return meets IRS filing requirement and that the return is within your scope, then accurately inputs return. Training takes 8-10 hours including certification.

ADVANCED PREPARER          Duties: Reviews TPs package - intake and tax document to ensure return meets IRS filing requirements; inputs return accurately, performs quality review of other preparers' tax returns, answer questions and mentors other VITA volunteers. Training takes 10-20 hours including certification.

PRAYER WARRIORS               Duties: Hold prayer sessions and available to pray for individuals requesting prayer. Training is 2-4 hours

SECURITY                                Duties: Canvassing area to discourage thefts, walking elderly and females to their cars once darkness prevails. Training is 2-4 hours.

EBENEZER VITA Volunteer 2017 Sign Up Form

Please provide information on the signup form (click signup below) to get on the path to becoming a servant…Jesus came not to be ministered to but to serve (Mk. 10:45) Here's an excellent opportunity to serve and learn. Training is available at Ebenezer Temple Pentecostal Church (ETPC) and Campaign for Working Family, this signup is only for those training at ETPC, for CWF contact: Jonathan Barnes, at 267-457-2653 or

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